Meet the CBD Teas: Take Charge

take charge green hibiscusTake Charge: A CBD Tea to Fight Stress 

We started Sky & Wyatt to offer all natural, hemp-based herbal CBD teas with all the health benefits of CBD and none of the spaced-out effects of THC. Far and away, most CBD products on the market bitter tinctures and medicinal capsules. These products are made using CBD isolate, extracted from the hemp plant with solvents, chemicals, and energy-intensive machinery.

We wanted Sky & Wyatt to be different, so we went right to the source. Each tag bag of Sky & Wyatt includes Colorado-grown hemp flower, naturally abundant in CBD and other beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant. Combining that hemp flower with organic herbs handpicked for their unique attributes, Sky & Wyatt is an honest beverage that tastes as good as it is for your body.

We get it, you’ve been giving it 110%, and your body and mind are calling for backup. That’s why we made Take Charge. Take Charge is made with full-spectrum hemp flower along with hibiscus, red rooibos, and a host of other organic herbs. Every sip is jam packed with antioxidant goodness and 50mg of CBD to fight off anxiety, soothe stress, and recharge your batteries.

With just the right amount of natural caffeine from the organic green tea in each tea bag, we love to pour ourselves a cup of Take Charge when facing down a deadline-laden afternoon and let the combination of CBD and adaptogenic herbal supplements transform us into our most productive selves.

Kakuzō Okakura describes chadō (the Japanese art of tea) as “…a tender attempt to accomplish something possible in this impossible thing we know as life.” 

Each day at Sky & Wyatt we strive to do exactly that. Our goal is to continue to provide artfully made CBD tea with the cleanest ingredients, to help you to accomplish something possible from the impossible.

So get out there and Take Charge. We’re right here with you.