CBD Herbal Tea Reviews

CBD tea reviewed

“One of my favorite teas!! Worth every penny.” – Bethany Hummer

Sky and Wyatt tea reviews
CBD tea reviews

“Having a cup in the morning or afternoon really sets the tone for the rest of the day. Loved it and will def order again.” – Brandi Ward

Sky Wyatt tea reviews

“I’m used to drinking herbal teas in the evening to help me relax and sleep better. This product fits the bill nicely, I get my dose of CBD and I enjoy the combination of herbs in each tea. Tastes just like a high quality tea only this has CBD!! I’ve been enjoying this tea on a daily basis and will continue to do so. Thanks Sky & Wyatt for a great quality product!” – Mike Jepsen

Take Charge CBD tea review

“Best night sleep of my life!” – Brooke

Be Still tea reviews
CBD teas

Being someone who struggles with anxiety, chronic neck pain, migraines, and my fair share of life stressors can get tough. Incorporating CBD into my self care routines has become a huge positive change for me in the last year. Now having it in a yummy tea before bed or in the morning while I get ready to start my day helps me feel so at peace.

Lauren Ashilie

Lifestyle blogger

50 mg of CBD packs a serious punch.

"I am disabled mother of two. In a very busy area of the world this tea helps me calm down. I have been thinking clearer and breathing better! Thank You"
Rebecca Barrett
The power of the CBD... makes this tea like none I’ve felt before, and probably you haven’t either. The more you drink it, the more it sustains its main effect, which in me is: Sleeping like a rock and waking up this entire past week feeling smoother, looser, more focused---not quite sunny or bulletproof, but untroubled.
David Michaelis

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