Sky & Wyatt Off-Trail Tumbler

$29.99 $24.99

Meditation in a mug is great and all, but have you tried lugging a mug to a mountain top? We get it, you need Sky & Wyatt on the go — whether it’s the powerful pu’erh of Turn On fueling your morning hike, the refreshing zing of Take Charge keeping you on the ball for your business trip, or the calming chamomile of Be Still complimenting a camp out under the stars. That’s why we made the Off-Trail Tumbler. A threaded, travel-friendly lid means your lap is safe even if your tumbler takes a tumble, and a removable tea infuser means you can steep and sip wherever you go.

Some like it hot, but if you like it iced we’ve got you covered too. The ceramic insulated core keeps hot and cold teas ready to drink for hours. And because we know you like to look good while you do good, we wrapped it in eco-friendly and fashion forward bamboo. If you’ve dreamed of the day you can have your functional beverages on the fly, get ready to go Off-Trail!

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