Hemp for the People: Benefits and Uses of CBD

benefits of CBD

The Benefits of CBD Explained

As your children grow – along with the list of demands in your life – your focus on personal wellness becomes paramount.

Wellness is integral to handling the hectic schedule of a parent—or anyone else for that matter. If you’re feeling “off” in any way, keeping up with your life’s everyday challenges is an uphill struggle.

Factors that are critical to your overall wellness include finding ways to neutralize joint/muscle pain, restore your cognitive abilities, or instill a sense of calm to combat anxiety. Wellness is mainly about fending off the several stumbling blocks that slow down even the most superhuman of us. But isn’t it inevitable that these are the problems that’ll eventually slow you down?

Maybe. However, through the consumption or use of Cannabidiol/CBD-derived products such as CBD tea and CBD oil, there’s evidence suggesting that those conditions mentioned above won’t take such an adverse toll on your mind and body.

Read below and learn in greater detail how:

CBD can enhance your wellness and overall quality of life

A Brief Explanation of the Benefits of CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant and doesn’t contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In short, CBD doesn’t make you intoxicated or “high.” Instead, its uses are mostly for medicinal purposes as an alternative to pharmaceutical medicine.

CBD Restores Mental Health

By working with your body’s nervous and endocannabinoid systems (ECS),CBD acts as a catalyst in the production of mood-regulating hormones that instill a sense of calm and relaxation.

Stress and anxiety adversely affect the most basic of human functions. So, if you’re experiencing either, whether it’s relatively minor or a full-on disorder, it negatively impacts your family, friendships, and workplace performance.

Moreover, there’s direct proof of the gut-brain connection and how much poor digestion damages your psyche. Therefore, the fact that CBD aids in digestion lends further credence to how much cannabidiol products – such as tea – can bolster mental health.

CBD Combats Pain

With wellness, our minds and bodies connect and exist in harmony. Similarly, the various benefits of CBD are intertwined.

Physical pain and poor mental health are often directly linked, and CBD products are used to treat both symptoms.

Much like how the ECS system is triggered by CBD to quell anxiety, it does the same thing for physical pain. The European Journal of Pain used an animal model to show that CBD (when applied to the skin) could neutralize arthritis-induced pain.

There’s some proof that CBD inhibits the two most tricky-to-treat chronic pains: inflammatory and neuropathic. Still, more studies with human subjects are needed to substantiate these claims about CBD and pain control.

CBD is A Cognitive Kicker

While the memory loss-preventing and cognitive enhancing properties of CBD are still up for debate, mounting evidence continues to suggest that the non-psychoactive substance might be the real brain-boosting deal.

CBD promotes neurogenesis, meaning it offsets the cognitive damage that accumulates as you age and undergo an assortment of traumas throughout your lifetime. There’s a chance this component of CBD could prove ground-breaking for offsetting the effects of degenerative memory disorders.

CBD Helps You Sleep

Remember, when we discussed how all aspects of wellness connect? Well, let’s further illustrate that point:

If you’re suffering from chronic pain or anxiety—or stomach pain for that matter, it’s almost impossible to experience restful sleep. Also, if you aren’t getting enough sleep, your cognitive functions will suffer in turn.

Ensuring that you are well-rested is pivotal to you functioning at your best. Luckily, recent studies suggest CBD could help people with short-term sleep struggles. Check our one of our most popular blends, Be Still, and get the full night’s rest you deserve.

CBD Tea Tastes Delicious

With all the health benefits of cannabidiol in mind, it’s a perfect cherry on top that our CBD tea tastes so good.

Not only will the tea do fantastic things for your health, but it also comes with the sophisticated tasting experience synonymous with rich brewed flavors.

Don’t take our word for it, though; here’s an anecdotal breakdown of what it was like to start a CBD tea regime to treat anxiety.

CBD is Good For You

It’s time to let go of the CBD-related doubts in your head. There’s too much good it can do for you to ignore any longer!