Meet the CBD Teas: Turn On

Most of the hemp-derived CBD on the market is consumed in the form of CBD capsules or CBD tinctures. But what if you took all of the proven health benefits of CBD and combined them with powerful herbs and nutrients in one delicious, simple source?

We have taken the many benefits of consuming CBD and wrapped them into a line of delicious, invigorating, hemp-based CBD herbal teas.

What makes our tea different?

We’re glad you asked. Sky & Wyatt uses Colorado-grown, organically cultivated hemp flower, abundant in naturally occurring cannabinoids (including lots of CBD!). Unlike other CBD coffee or teas that are made from CBD oils or isolates, our tea uses the hot water in your cup (and added fat, like coconut oil) to extract the CBD naturally occurring in decarboxylated, high CBD hemp flower. That means the CBD herbal tea in your mug used no inefficient extraction or processing methods and contains absolutely no residual solvents.

Turn On, our spiced chai, is one of the most unique tea blends available on the market.

With 50mg of full-spectrum CBD in each tea bag, Turn On contains hints of ginger with the powerful antioxidants from Pu’erh tea, cinnamon, and nettle, along with the anti-inflammatory benefits of sarsaparilla, peppercorn, and fennel. With a beautiful blend of tea leaves, hemp flower and herbs, Turn On is a delicious and easy way to incorporate the powerful benefits of CBD into your life.

To get the most benefit from your cup of Turn On tea, we recommend that you add a small amount of fat to the hot water when you steep your tea. The hot water helps to extract CBD into the fat in your cup, giving you a more effective dose. We like to use refined (flavorless) coconut oil, but you can use any type of fat, including milk, nut milk, or ghee.


– Jacob Sky & Andrew Wyatt