How Long Does It Take CBD to Work?

Something we get asked often is “how long does it take CBD to work?” If you find yourself asking when CBD will start to work for you, you’re not alone.

Cannabidiol – or CBD – has brought us into a brave new world. Where, rather than scoffing at the value of hemp and the cannabis plant, we’re extracting value from these entities.


While the broader legalization of THC-based products (which possess the psychoactive components of cannabis) is murky at best, the farm bill of 2018 has made CBD available to the masses.

There’s a long list of anecdotal health benefits associated with these products. From quelling anxiety all the way to reducing inflammation and relieving digestive issues, many have felt the positive impact of CBD.

The extenuating factors of CBD activation

However, like with any new product on the market, many individuals are hesitant to take the CBD plunge. They have a range of questions they need answered before diving into a regimen of CBD usage.

One question we’re continually asked is how long CBD takes to start working. More specifically, when will you begin experiencing the benefits of these products?

There is no short answer to when CBD will begin to work for you, and the answer relies specifically on the person taking the CBD. However, we want to delve deeper into the topic so that if you’re considering supplementing CBD into your routine, you’ll know what to expect.

How long does it take CBD to *work*?

Many people experience the effects of CBD almost immediately or within 30 minutes of consumption. But that’s not a guarantee and more of an educated estimate.

Another example of CBD ingestion to consider is sublingual consumption – or in layman’s terms, receiving a dose under the tongue. Some anecdotal reports suggest that this method of supplementing CBD triggers an almost immediate effect throughout the body—sometimes in as little as 10 minutes.

When will CBD start to work for you? The reality is that every body has a unique genetic make-up and an endocannabinoid system that may be stimulated by CBD at different rates. Like taking any supplement, it needs to be taken regularly to see the full effects.


Consider what else is in your CBD product

There are additional factors to consider, such as what else is inside the CBD-laden food, beverage, tincture, or gummy? If a CBD-based coffee or smoothie possesses cream, sugar, almond milk, or any other flavor boosters, the chances are that it’ll take longer to kick in. The other ingredients in those CBD products can also either enhance or detract from the effects of CBD.

We might be biased, but we designed the perfect CBD product. The natural hemp flower, when combined with the other herbs, enhances and maximizes the effects of CBD.

Take the time to find the right CBD product that will work for you

If you have ever supplemented more traditional products like creatine, whey protein, or fish oils (for example) you know that it takes time and effort to find the right product. CBD is very much the same, and is even more important to find quality products.

There’s also a matter of dosage strength. Take some time to figure out your preferred dosage and what really does the trick for you. We pack our tea full of naturally occuring CBD (each sachet has 50 mg of the good stuff!).

Also, be aware that there’s a matter of product quality. Just because a specific oil or candy lacks effectiveness doesn’t mean that CBD is all bluster. It really depends on where you purchase your CBD. As such, don’t expect a gummy purchased from the local gas station to offset your irritable bowel syndrome or neutralize your anxiety.

Furthermore, there are discrepancies with the FDA and CBD products on the market. This fact makes it possible for substandard products to reach the market.

Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to assess and choose quality CBD products.


What to look for when purchasing CBD products

First and foremost, ensure that the hemp is quality. Farmers should test their hemp for heavy metals, THC potency, microbials, and pesticides. A reputable CBD retailer will provide you with those labs when asked.

Any top-notch CBD product will be full spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD is derived from hemp that contains compounds that work in unison to enhance the body’s response to the supplement.

Lastly, do research and read up on the product. Whether it’s third-party testing that informs users of what’s in the product, or product reviews that discuss quality levels, learning about CBD supplements steers people into the right direction. 

To figure out how long CBD will take to start working for your body, you may just need to experiment a little. Just be sure you’re using carefully vetted CBD products, like our tea! We suggest starting with one of our tea blends of course. We’re happy to answer any additional questions you might have about how long CBD takes to start working, our products, or CBD in general. Keep reading on the blog, or get in touch!