Why Sky & Wyatt Tea is the Most Natural CBD on the Market

About the Teas

CBD tea is a buzzy, new option for tea drinkers. It can make you feel more calm, clear-headed, and energized – not to mention its well-documented benefits as both an anxiety-reducing and anti-inflammatory agent. 

So what makes Sky & Wyatt tea so effective and powerful? In the emerging hemp and CBD industry, transparency is paramount, so we’ve decided to detail the blending process and steeping requirements behind our signature hemp flower tea. 

Use this easy-to-follow guide that explains why our tea is nature’s best CBD option. Understanding the difference between water soluble CBD teas and Sky & Wyatt’s natural, environmentally-sustainable process will make you a healthier and more informed tea drinker. 

What is Water Soluble CBD

Most CBD tea products on the market use a combination of tea, herbs, and water-soluble CBD extract, meaning their blends only need hot water in order for the CBD to escape the bag or steeper and make it into the mug.

While their steeping strategy may sound simple, manufacturing water soluble CBD tea is actually quite costly, wasteful, and unnatural. Teas that use water soluble CBD are made by  spraying normal tea with CBD extracts, isolates, solvents, and other chemicals. 

The process not only requires high-energy manufacturing, but has been shown to be detrimental to the tea. Introducing water soluble CBD into tea weakens the natural flavor from herbs, increases moisture, and can even lead to unwanted microbial growth.

What Makes Sky & Wyatt’s Tea Different

Our CBD tea is not water soluble, and that’s a good thing! 

After extensive lab testing and research, we found that we could forgo the costly extraction and isolation process completely. When steeping tea, it is only necessary to add a fat containing “medium-chain triglycerides” or MCTs (we like to use coconut oil) when you steep our hemp tea. 

By combining hemp flower and fat, you’re essentially doing a mini-extraction right in your mug. This process allows you to achieve maximum cannabinoid and plant-compound absorption while maintaining the naturally-occuring flavors from the hemp and adaptogenic herbs.

Sky & Wyatt teas allow you to enjoy CBD the way it was intended – free of extracts, isolates, and chemicals. 

As an added bonus, our teas are typically more potent and affordable! The CBD extraction process is expensive, and because we avoid the process altogether, we can provide Sky & Wyatt at a much lower price per milligram of CBD compared to other tea options, with much higher quality whole-leaf herbs to boot.


When you open a sachet of one of our teas, the hemp material already has active cannabinoid properties. In order to fully access the CBD properties in our tea, we recommend steeping the sachet for 3 to 6 minutes in boiled water. Adding a liquid substance high in fat content is a naturally-occuring way to harness CBD properties, which is why we recommend adding coconut oil.

How to Steep Sky & Wyatt in 4 Easy Steps

steep temperature

Heat Water

Heat water in a kettle; note that green tea requires 170℉ while herbal and black teas require 180-190℉ for optimal steeping

SW tea sachet

Add Sachet

Drop a sachet of Sky & Wyatt
CBD tea into your mug

add fat

Add Fat

Immediately add ½ tablespoon of coconut oil (or another fat of your choosing) to your mug and stir with a spoon to combine

steep time

Wait & Meditate

Wait 3-6 minutes for the CBD tea and coconut oil to steep to maximize extraction of CBD and other hemp properties into your mug

Why coconut oil?

You may have wondered why we recommend adding coconut oil to our tea. Compared to other options like milk or nut milk, coconut oil is higher in MCTs, making it an ideal choice for supporting the solubility and bioavailability of CBD.

Unlike other liquids high in MCT content, coconut oil is the ideal pairing with CBD tea because its flavors blend dynamically with the hemp flower and efficiently optimizes CBD properties, making for a delicious and truly one-of-a-kind brew. 

If you must add an alternative to coconut oil, cow’s milk or nut milk can work in its place, but we always advise selecting milk alternatives with the highest possible MCT content.


Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a fat source typically derived from coconuts and possess an abundance of properties that promote health and wellness.

MCTs are important for two reasons:

1. they bind easily to other beneficial compounds like CBD;
and 2. they are readily absorbed by your body!

These two powers combined are what make MCTs such a key part of getting the most CBD out of your Sky & Wyatt tea.

Sky & Wyatt’s Philosophy

We broke new ground in the brewing game when we created one of the first high-quality CBD teas that does not rely on water solubility. With extensive research, the knowledge of our world-renowned master herbalist Brigitte Mars, and our partners at The Tea Spot, we’ve been able to deliver the highest per-serving CBD dosage on the market.

We believe that brewing and steeping CBD tea is an art that requires craft, knowledge, and tremendous care. If you’re curious to learn more about CBD’s benefits and uses, you can read more here.