5 Reasons Why CBD Tea is Perfect for Earth Day

Earth Day is all about remembering why we love the planet and what we can do to sustain it over the long haul, so naturally it’s an important day for us CBD tea drinkers. After all, we love spending time outdoors, staying active, and transforming hemp into delicious and healthy beverages! To celebrate our green planet, we decided to come up with a few reasons why you should choose a CBD or hemp-based herbal tea as your Earth Day Tea this year.

1. CBD Tea Gets You Up and Out the Door

Having trouble getting going on Earth Day? Kick things off with a steaming cup of CBD hemp tea, which will energize you and get your morning started. Our very own Turn On chai tea is blended with powerful pu’erh tea, which is abundant in natural caffeine, allowing you to get that stimulating boost you need along with the balancing effects from the CBD hemp flower.                                                                        

Unlike coffee, which contributes to deforestation and water shortages, CBD tea promotes healthier soils and requires barely any irrigation. If you’re trying to kick that coffee addiction, Sky & Wyatt teas are the invigorating and eco-friendly replacement you’ve been awaiting. 

2. It Leaves No Mark on the Trail 

Whether you’re sipping tea in your backyard or actively enjoying the outdoors, our premium CBD tea is a highly sustainable option for preserving Mother Earth. Leading climate science research is already showing how the industrial hemp – the very same plant we blend in Sky & Wyatt – reduces air pollution by converting carbon dioxide to biomass. In this all-natural process, CBD and hemp tea products keep our air cleaner, leaving flora and fauna untouched and flourishing while keeping you well-hydrated. 

High-end CBD tea herbalists like Sky & Wyatt offer 100% compostable tea products with biodegradable sachets and reusable, air-tight containers, making our teas an environmentally- conscious beverage for a day dedicated to sustainability. 

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3. CBD Tea Helps You Tune in to Nature

Earth Day is all about appreciating the great outdoors, but connecting with nature is often easier said than done. Sometimes we need a little help striking that blend of mindfulness and serenity. That’s why we think CBD tea is the perfect choice for appreciating your surroundings. 

While CBD oils and capsules require extracting chemical compounds from hemp in an energy-intensive process, our teas are made from hemp flower, naturally abundant in CBD, allowing you to stay present while still being environmentally-conscious. With reputable physicians already advocating for the widespread usage of CBD to alleviate anxiety, tasty herbal-hemp brews like Take Charge deliver the pleasant wind of calmness and energy. 

4. It’s the Perfect Earth Day Tea to Share  

Earth Day is all about sharing the planet with our friends and loved ones, so why not pick a beverage that’s easy to carry along? CBD tea is light, durable, and non-perishable, making it perfect for gatherings in your backyard, picnics with your friends, and even something you can put in your thermos or water bottle when you’re out on the trail.

We know that drinking CBD tea is an activity best done together with those you care about the most, which is why Sky & Wyatt tea packages pack a punch with a dozen servings in each tin.

5. CBD Tea is a Peaceful Way to Wind Down 

CBD tea can offer a calming close to a long and active Earth Day. With well-documented restorative properties, a simple mug of hot water, hemp flower, and powerful herbal adaptogens are proven to combat inflammation and reduce anxiety. If you feel tense, achy, or just simply want to fall asleep, CBD tea is the remedy you’re looking for.   

With our tea selections offering properties that range from post-workout cool-downs to meditative just-before-bed infusions, we’ve got the perfect mix of CBD teas to help you Find Your Moment.