8 of the Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Tea Lovers

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Finding the Perfect DIY Spa Gift Basket for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, which means it’s that time of year for finding the perfect gift for Mom. You know she loves the spa, but buying a gift card isn’t feasible right now. You know she loves tea, but just gifting any old tea box won’t cut it, either. We love the spa and we’re also tea guys, so we thought of a few ways to combine the two hobbies. Our collection of CBD tea-inspired spa treatments is the perfect do-it-yourself spa-at-home gift basket for tea lovers–your Mom is sure to love the thoughtful effort.

Nutrient CBD Tea Face Masks

Face masks are an essential spa treatment, but seldom tap into the natural, anti-inflammatory properties of CBD tea. With a potent blend of antioxidants and CBD oils that eliminate skin cells that create pimples, CBD tea face masks are perfect for treating sensitive or acne-prone skin. Do-it-yourself CBD tea masks require a few simple steps, so it’s worth checking out our own face mask recipe, here.

Soothing CBD Tea Bag Eye Relaxers

After using a tea face mask to revitalize sensitive skin, consider reusing tea bags as natural, soothing relaxers for weary eyes. Medical research has noted how tea bags can shrink swelling under baggy eyes, relieves red eyes, and even reduces dark circles in the skin around eye sockets. Enhanced with the oils from CBD, warmed and compressed sachets from a tea bag can even relieve dry eyes. 

Aromatic CBD Tea Baths

Light a scented candle and draw a bath infused with the fragrant essence of CBD tea. Bathing in CBD tea both enhances the ambiance and the body, with preclinical studies already finding how natural hemp properties help treat dermatitis and other skin conditions. Adding steaming water into a bathtub makes it tricky to find an ideal water temperature, so we recommend checking out our own instructions first for maximum safety and enjoyment.  

Cleansing CBD Tea Body Scrubs

The CBD tea body scrub is an important part of Mom’s perfect DIY spa-at-home gift. A simple blend of CBD tea with several common kitchen ingredients will help your skin exfoliate and glow. Picking CBD tea over alternative herbal remedies helps get the best possible skin treatment outcome from a tea body scrub. The natural properties from the hemp plant stimulate the production of collagen, which keeps skin hydrated and recent research analysis has even shown how CBD alleviates symptoms associated with eczema.

Detoxifying CBD Tea Hair Rinse

CBD tea offers extraordinary health benefits when consumed, so it’s no surprise that those same tea leaves can be used as part of a nutrient-rich hair rinse. With an easy-to-follow process, CBD tea hair rinses are an essential remedy for itchy, inflamed, or dehydrated scalps. A recently published study even found that CBD inhibits the cells that produce Psoriasis. There are many different herbal infusions that can work as hair treatment, so we created a recipe for CBD tea lovers that can be found here.

Luxuriant CBD Tea Face Steaming

This all-natural, meditative process is perfect for the seasonal change. After a harsh winter, a CBD tea-infused face steam serves a dual purpose, at once clearing up chest congestion and revitalizing the delicate skin and opening up clogged pores. Creating the perfect do-it-yourself CBD tea face steam takes practice, so we recommend checking out our own recipe, here.

Meditating With a Cup of CBD Tea

The perfect DIY Mother’s Day spa gift would not be complete with a soothing cup of CBD tea following the restorative regimen. To fully heal the body, drinking CBD tea brings both peace and energy. The powerful herbal adaptogens in CBD have been proven to reduce anxiety and pu’erh leaves in CBD tea deliver an uplifting boost, allowing the perfect close to a spa-at-home treatment.

Restorative Self-Massage With CBD Tea

The best DIY spa experience begins and ends with addressing soreness and body aches, and a spa-at-home treatment would not be complete without a self-massage. While self-massage is a good place to start, it can easily be enhanced by CBD tea. With medical researchers citing CBD’s cannabidiol properties allowing it to act as an anti-inflammatory agent, we know that drinking CBD tea before, during, and after a self-massage will aid in reducing swelling, soreness, arthritis, and aches in the joints.

The Perfect Mother’s Day DIY Spa Gift is Easy to Find

This year, finding that thoughtful and well-received Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to be hard. We think that any essential DIY spa gift basket starts and ends with CBD tea, and we’re here to help deliver the creative, caring, and simple gift that Mom will love — not just for a day, but for the years to come.